Buiatrica Farming is known for its strict system and policy in regard to the transportation of the animals to destination, be that by Road, Aircraft or Ship.


Very often Importers spend a considerable amount of money in acquiring high quality animals and then try to save on transportation by not following the correct procedures and policies and using Transporters who couldn't care less for the animals as long as they are delivered.


This aspect is particularly important with TransBorder/s road transportation. Heath, rain , continuous shaking on bad roads, lack of water and fodder can play havoc on the stress levels on the animals, particularly if they are pregnant. Heifers can carry this trauma for their entire life and abortions, foetus absorption and poor productive performance are the usual consequences of such short slightness. Death by trampling is not uncommon when overloading to make the transport "cheap".


Buiatrica Farming follows strict rules which take into consideration the weight of the animal, the body conformation, the length of the trip, the season ( Summer or Winter), the pregnancy status and the species of the animal. With this parameters a "loading" table was developed for either Livestock Carrier trucks, Aircraft crates or ship pens.


This system ( for road transportation ) allows our transporter/s to provide fodder and water inside the truck's compartments as the animals are not allowed to be offloaded during the journey particularly through other countries. Thus the animals can lie down and rest during the night as road transit is not advisable at night. Feed and water is seldom necessary if transported by Air.

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